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Prepaid REDcard (registration information)

Prepaid REDcard (registration information)

$ 169.98

Why Prepaid REDcard? Because it’s a great all-in-one savings tool providing smart & safe shopping anywhere in the United States and abroad, whether in-store or online.

Prepaid REDcard offers excellent American Express (Amex) purchase protection, Chip-and-Pin security, great savings at Target and (5% off, free shipping, extended returns, price matching with Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc) multiple budgeting sub-accounts, free checking, bill-pay and direct deposit, no foreign transaction fees, in fact no monthly fees or any miscellaneous fees. There’s no hard credit inquiry or ChexSystems required. Click the Benefits page above to explore all of the Prepaid REDcard features.   

Registration requirements: To register as the primary account holder of a Prepaid REDcard you need to: 1) Be at least 18 years old; 2) Have a US-issued ID or passport and Social Security number (SSN); 3) Have a permanent US address where you receive mail.

In the past you couldn't register for Prepaid REDcard if you had another current prepaid Amex account on your name & SSN, but that is no longer the case.

Loading (funding) the account: The re-loadable Prepaid REDcard can be funded online via a US bank-issued debit card, by direct deposit or by receiving money from another prepaid Amex account not in your name. It can also be loaded with cash at participating Target stores. There are no fees for using any of these funding methods. 

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Temporary activated prepaid REDcard registration information

- If I buy this now, when do I receive my order?

Instantly! As soon as you click on “Complete order” and your payment is successfully processed, will automatically deliver this digital product to the email address entered during checkout (or you primary PayPal email address if you check out with PayPal). Before you complete the purchase make sure that you have access to the email address you intend to use.

- What do I receive with this purchase?

The unique information of an activated temporary Prepaid REDcard along with detailed registration information covering all scenarios; it is all you will need to successfully register online right away for the permanent prepaid REDcard.

- Will I also receive the physical temporary prepaid REDcard card from this purchase?

No, because it is not needed for registration. Amex (American Express) will mail you the permanent Chip-and-Pin Prepaid REDcard card with your name on it, 5-10 days after you register online. The permanent card will have a different account number from the temporary card. Once you activate the permanent card, the temporary card is automatically voided.

- How can I pay for this prepaid REDcard registration information order?

You can use any credit, debit or prepaid card that is Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB or Diners Club. You can also pay via PayPal, in which case the order will be delivered to the primary email address on your PayPal account. If you're not sure which email address you've listed as the primary, login to PayPal and go the following link: 

- Can I trust you with my credit/debit card information?

You don’t have to. Even though it might seem like you’re paying on this website, your payment and card information is handled at—and processed by—Stripe, the eCommerce leading payment gateway. Or PayPal, if you chose PayPal as the checkout method.  

- What if I have issues during the registration?

It rarely happens if you follow the registration requirements above and the instructions emailed with this order. In such cases it is usually an error due to temporary glitches with Amex’s system and if you try in a few hours or the next day it usually goes through. If the issue persists, please reply to the order email that you received from, following the instructions mentioned in that email. 

- Can I load money to my prepaid REDcard account using just the information of the temporary card?

No, not until you receive from Amex the permanent prepaid REDcard with your name on it and activate it. Also, the temporary prepaid REDcard doesn't have any money loaded on it (not counting any less than $1 amounts that might be present). The only way to register online for the permanent prepaid REDcard is by using the unique information of an activated temporary Prepaid REDcard card. Prepaid REDcard is also referred to online as Redbird. 


- Can I get a refund after the purchase if I change my mind?

The information of each temporary activated prepaid REDcard is unique and can't be re-used by someone else, so sorry but no refunds. However, everyone who got their temporary Prepaid REDcard from NoonRadar was able to register successfully; see Reviews for testimonials posted on various sites. 

- What if I have other questions?

Send us a message via the Contact Us form and you will receive a response shortly. 

For more general information about the prepaid REDcard please visit the official Target/Amex prepaid REDcard website where you'll also find Prepaid REDcard’s Legal disclosures and more details about its Fees & Limits. and its owner are not affiliated with Target, American Express or prepaid REDcard. is only providing a service about the online registration of this product, after which you will obtain the permanent prepaid REDard from American Express. Anything that doesn’t involve registering online for the prepaid REDcard account as per its official registration requirements and as outlined above, it is beyond the scope of this purchase and of this website.

- Will the price always remain the same? 

Unlikely. It reflects the effort & work involved at the time, which varies based on external factors.

- What if it says "sold out"? 

Check back in a few hours or the next day. You can also Contact Us with any questions.