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Buy temporary Prepaid REDcard (Redbird) - Reviews about

NoonRadar has been continuously providing this digital product to many happy Prepaid REDcard holders since February 2015.

At first customers received their order via a manual email from NoonRadar upon payment. That's why many people have mentioned in their reviews the delivery time; the time it took from their payment until they received the order email. However, when you purchase REDcard now from the storefrontthe order is delivered to your email instantly with the processing of your payment. 

If you click on the handle of each feedback comment you will see the permanent link on the blog/site where the comment is originally posted. NoonRadar is not affiliated with any of those sites. 

If you'd like to leave a feedback comment about your experience feel free to do so on Facebook or a relevant blog/forum that you frequent. Thank you!

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It goes without saying that /u/NoonRadar is the most convenient and professional source for REDcards for those of us who don't have them at local stores yet.

- Mavrande

NoonRadar was a great help in getting my Redbird card. Thank you!

- Allison

Very happy to buy the card from you – thanks for all of the help, just got it registered and eagerly awaiting its arrival!

- Hunter Zupnick

/u/NoonRadar made it very easy to get RedBird. Very much appreciated. Highly recommend.

- russelvania

Just got one from Very swift and satisfied. Thanks

- SJ

I have a reliable place to buy VGC and a target near me, with a redbird on the way from /u/noonradar (thanks)

 - baz8771

I can vouch for Noonradar as he just quickly and easily hooked me up with a red bird. Thanks!

- Sturg33

Just another positive review of this service from /u/NoonRadar. He got me my temporary card MUCH faster than expected!

- chrisremo

….I saw your comment above and decided to give it a try. I was impressed by the good service and helpful tips. Transaction went very smoothly. Just got my Redcard today by mail!

- Austin

Thank you for the temp REDcard and detailed instructions, Noon Radar! Just registered today for the permanent REDcard and it was successful!

- Charles

Thanks /u/NoonRadar, another +1 for you. Quick and easy

- HereSoiWontGetFine

I too bought the card from NoonRadar and it went smooth and exactly the way he said it would…. For people that live too far for a store that has the red card this is a no brainer.

- gaspipe1

…. I had a pleasant experience buying my REDcard online from NR and received a temp card which I could immediately register.

- Nick W

He's legit. Easy transaction…. Be sure to read his instructions first, they'll make it go smoothly. /u/NoonRadar for the win.

- whiteknives

I just picked up one from Super efficient, friendly, and hassle-free. Whoever runs the site should be in charge of other businesses in this country. :)

- KW

Just got one from /u/NoonRadar. Quick, friendly, and efficient. I definitely recommend buying from this user.

- Yoon_XD

Just registered for the Redcard through NoonRaider…. He was extremely patient and answered all my (many) questions. Deff recommend!

- Irina

Another upvote for /u/NoonRadar…. Very thorough instructions on how to register and close out your Serve account properly, also.

- Like_Eli_I_Did_It

Thanks NoonRadar for the Redbird card you sent me.

- James

Made it too easy! Thanks so much /u/NoonRadar!

- BranJD

Thanks NoonRadar for getting me a RedBird. Fast, fast service

- Kim

+1 to NoonRadar being great. Responded almost immediately to emails and got the picture of the temp card to me immediately as well.

- Rush

just got a card today, really fast response time after first email, set it up now just have to wait 7-10 days. Thanks!

- vsgro

Thank you for getting me the card. You were very quick to respond and the transaction was pretty smooth.

- SK

/u/NoonRadar with the quick turn-a-round on the Card! Thanks!

- jamiethekiller

Just purchased from noon radar – very quick already waiting on my card to arrive in the mail.

- Staff1

Highly recommend NoonRadar…. He's trustworthy, use him for your Redbird needs

- nurseinhouston

Vouch. Quick and easy.

- lazyranch

….Thanks, NoonRadar, you saved the day! And I highly recommend his offer to those who want the Redcard, but don’t live close enough to a Target that sells them.

- Mustangmom

Bought a redcard from /u/NoonRadar and was very happy with the prompt service. I registered the card with no problems :)

- ryduh

Super easy transaction, thank you very much!

- Barrylicious

Just got one from Noonradar last night. Quick and easy to activate. Don’t know why I waited so long to get on the train. Guess I was just being lazy about canceling Bluebird.

- SW

Just completed my first load thanks to this guy!

- LoHowADRose

Purchased from /u/NoonRadar and just activated my card online…. Saves me a trip to Maryland, which would be just as much money and certainly would take more time than this simple transaction. Thanks again!

- YouKnowWho06

Excellent service. Helpful interactions. I appreciate /u/NoonRadar. Highly recommended.

- mattnightingale

….Thank you NoonRadar, I will definitely buy from you again if I need more cards for family members.

- Diane

Just registered my card online from /u/NoonRadar . He was very fast, appreciate it!

- triguy616

Ordered from /u/noonradar and everything went smoothly. Activated online and now waiting for my card to come in the mail.

- masterbeast

Highly recommend /u/NoonRadar. Very quick, and pre-answered all my questions!

- Raven339

Got 2 cards from NoonRadar, works great!

- J S

can recommend NoonRadar for getting a redbird. Best in the biz

- BarksdaleEmpire

Purchased from /u/NoonRadar. Very knowledgeable and made the transaction very simple and smooth! ….Thanks again /u/NoonRadar!

- raphaeldeniro

thank you /u/NoonRadar, very helpful and quick with transaction!

- dailyherold

By the way NoonRadar is very good and fast with Redcard temp. I already bought 3 from him.

- Hoang

got mine from /u/NoonRadar. Quick and easy!

- boogywoogywoo

Got me the card while providing lots of useful info getting started.

- Bender1012

just went through @NoonRadar for prepaid Redcard… highly recommended! Fast! easy & hassle free. Thanx!.

- mo

Thanks /u/NoonRadar for my REDcard! Very quick and easy transaction.

- akn5

Purchased from /u/NoonRadar - fast, easy to work with. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

- glammistress

I got a card from NoonRadar. Fast replies by email and I was able to register the card with no problem. Thanks!

- Bryan

Purchased successfully from /u/NoonRadar. Quick and easy and very helpful registration guide.

- jpanda820

Got my card from NoonRadar – 100% recommend!

- Spencer Lew

/u/NoonRadar made the transaction a breeze and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Thank you.

- Dmitch442

Definitely recommend /u/NoonRadar! ….He also provides thorough instructions for the uninitiated!

- missmanyface

I purchased my card through NoonRadar a couple of weeks ago and today I was able to cancel my Serve account and activate my RedCard successfully.

- Derek P

…. Very helpful and very fast. Was able to register without a hitch. Definitely the best way to get your hands on a Redbird if you live in a state without participating Targets (CA for me).

- ams387

+1 !!! look no further than /u/NoonRadar

- mirob

Thank you Noon. Everything went quickly and I got what I wanted. Cheers to you.


I recommend /r/NoonRadar, quick and painless service and got me my temp card right away.

- TemporaryCatatonic

Smooth process and a good price. Very fast for a Saturday night. Would recommend getting Redbird from /u/NoonRadar

- sublimemoment27

Got mine through NoonRadar too. Thanks for making the whole process super quick and easy!

- Jason

…. Registered it with no problems. Great service and instructions. Quick responses to emails.

- crusher777

Just received my Redbird from /u/NoonRadar . took maybe 5-10 minutes in total, great price, answered some of my additional noob questions, much appreciated!

- Dandorf

Also a happy NoonRadar customer.. 3x. Fast, friendly. A++

- Will

Thank you /u/NoonRadar for the Redbird! Was a pleasure dealing with you and everything went off without a hitch!

- rainqueen

Thanks /u/NoonRadar - very quick response, got my card setup in no time

- dan-gerzone

I can vouch for this guy.

- LtRalph

Very high praise for /u/NoonRadar and his cards. Very fast transactions & responses. Very helpful with all questions!

- C-P-A

Add me to his long list of references…. He was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous in breaking down all the steps of the transaction and registration process.

- lesli

Bought the card from /u/NoonRadar and registration went smoothly. Quick and detailed communication. Thanks!

- mrfooz

Bought a prepaid redcard from /u/NoonRadar earlier today. 10/10, would do business with again…. gives exact directions on what to do to get the card registered and everything.

- ConfusedCaptain

/u/NoonRadar is fantastic! I received my temporary card within minutes, along with detailed instructions on how to activate it. Highly recommended

- kyleoda

vouching for noonradar. bought two cards from him in april. prompt delivery. activated and loaded both cards no problem. would totally buy from again in a heart beat.

- Jackson

thanks for the quick cards and great service, highly recommended.

- infernorice2

Just bought from /u/NoonRadar as well! Very helpful guy!


Pleasant hassle-free purchase with /u/NoonRadar. Responses very quick and gives me instructions in every details.

- olanky

….Bought one from him, very simple and easy process. He provided detailed instructions on how to activate card. Came in mail shortly after, registered card, and got in $2,500 in spend last night (just under the wire!).

- Rafi

Got my RedBird from /u/NoonRadar with no issues.

- Artivist

I also highly recommend getting the Redbird card from /u/NoonRadar….

- ForSerious38

Living in Nebraska, this was a quick and easy way for me to get a Redbird…. Obviously happy with the service provided.

- Halfbredditor

Just wanted to add myself to NoonRadar’s happy customer list ….he was very helpful with answering questions and also with very detailed step-by-step instructions once I made the purchase. I highly recommend getting this temp card from him.

- Ron

I just got a redbird card from /u/NoonRadar. The transaction went very smoothly.

- sparkygoblue

very responsive, helpful and informative! Thanks /u/NoonRadar

- jiffypbj

+1 for this guy. /u/NoonRadar is great. He answered all my questions and was very helpful. He's a great resource for getting this set up. Reasonable fee for the effort he puts in. Highly recommended….

- Teamocil_QD

I got mine from /u/NoonRadar, registration is a great success. 10/10 would buy from him again

- familywang

Wanted to add myself to NoonRadar’s happy customer list…. I highly recommend getting this temp card from him.

- Ch Rmz

I also got mine from /u/NoonRadar. Registration is successful, transaction was quick.

- testerizer

Got my card from this user. Very helpful and everything was quick.

- niNroM

…. He was efficient and friendly to deal with, and conducted the transaction within minutes — you may have seen his thoughtful comments on REDcard on various blogs, that's how I heard about him before discovering he's also a redditor... previous praise posted helped me make my decision, so thanks to those of you who left a review. BIG UP!!!! Thanks again!

- Torley_

+1 for NoonRadar. Everything was done quickly and easily.

- Rico

/u/NoonRadar hooked me up with 2. Very quick responses and easy process overall.

- Mr_Smithy

Thanks /u/NoonRadar, another +1 for you….

- optimisttt

….Not only did he get me my cards, but he was very patient and was able to answer my questions…. We don't have any of these in Kansas, and working with /u/NoonRadar is WAY cheaper than driving to Oklahoma to get one. 10/10

- Coplate

NoonRadar was very quick, easy and helpful when getting a card from him. Much appreciated

- Larry

He is legit

- graffiksguru

+1 for NoonRadar, deal done and registered in minutes!

- Garthok

Just got my second card from this guy, very fast transaction!

- dan-gerzone

Received and registered my redbird from /u/NoonRadar no problem, very fast response and everything went smoothly, thanks!

- 10eoe10

Just got a Red Card from NoonRadar. All went through without issue. Expecting to get the physical card in a week or so.

- John

I have purchased two now from NOONRADAR and it is easy as could be…. Well worth it since there are no stores within 3 hours of me.

- Sam

Highly recommend getting the Redbird from /u/NoonRadar…..Registration successful and hopefully the permanent card will arrive soon. Thanks for the help.

- justjking