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Benefits and features of using Target Prepaid REDcard

With its top-notch savings venues and security features, Prepaid REDcard by American Express is a must-have card for savvy consumers. Smart shopping means being in control of your finances, saving money and getting discounts without compromising product quality or financial security. Prepaid REDcard makes it all possible without  incurring any interest or credit card debt, overdraft fees or any other fees at all. 

Purchase protection

Prepaid REDcard offers excellent purchase protection. This applies to anything you buy anywhere, not just at Target. Dropped and cracked your brand new phone, or it got stolen? No problem. The acclaimed Amex (American Express) purchase protection will cover you up to $1,000 per incident and $50,000 per year! As long as you use your Prepaid REDcard to buy a product, you’re covered up to 90 days from the purchase day. If you choose to repair a damaged item, pay for the repairs with Prepaid REDcard and you can file a reimbursement claim with Amex. 

EMV Chip-and-Pin peace of mind

Chip-and-Pin is the most secure mode of transactions and only a handful of US-based cards have this feature available. Prepaid REDcard is among the most secure cards in the world and the only major American Express card in the United States to feature Chip-and-Pin!

Chip-and-Pin transactions are much more secure than Chip-and-Signature ones (you can fake a signature, but not someone's pin). Both are more secure than magnetic strip transactions because the magnetic strip has static information that can be cloned (copied) and used to make fraudulent charges, whereas the chip creates a unique dynamic code with each transaction.

The type of transaction used at any given time depends on the settings of the card, it's CVM (preferred cardholder verification methods) as well as on the POS (point of sale) register of the store. For Prepaid REDcard the CVM is pin, then signature, then magnetic strip, which means its transactions will be implemented in the most secure way available at any store. Further, if you buy something at Target using Prepaid REDcard, the Chip-and-Pin feature kicks in regardless of the dollar amount of that purchase, whereas if you use another pin card the option to punch in the card’s pin kicks in only if the transaction is $50 or more.

5% off at Target or

Whether at Target or, if you buy something using Prepaid REDcard you will get an instant 5% discount. The 5% savings add up quickly in just a few months, even more so via price matching (see below). There’s no cap on the 5% savings feature of Prepaid REDcard.

10% off most of your spending beyond Target purchases with stacked discounts

Yes, you read it right, you can save 10% on most of the things you already spend on, including shopping, air travel, entertainment, dinning, etc. We're not talking about deals that are limited in time or scope, it can be done anytime with virtually no limits (for up to $50,000 spending a year with the Ink venue) when you maximize Prepaid REDcard benefits by stacking them with Target gift cards and Ink Plus or other similar venues. When it comes to shopping budgets, you will basically slash it by 10% discount + enjoy purchase protection + get free shipping and price matching if available at Target. Read our Prepaid REDcard stacking guide to find out how this works.  

Features and benefits of Amex Prepaid REDcard at Target and Amazon


15% off the next year's spending beyond Target & store shopping

During one day a year Target offers Target gift cards at a 10% discount. You can get buy one gift card up to $300 per store or online account. Target has done this in the past couple of years around the holidays; Thanksgiving or Christmas. On that day you can go store hopping to get multiples of $300 gift cards, then use the stacking strategy to save 15% on things you'd spend next year, including groceries and other regular shopping, dinning, travel, entertainment etc.

An extra 5% off with every 5 prescriptions 

If you have a prescription, you can transfer it at Target and after every five refills you will receive a coupon for 5% off ANY one purchase, whether in store or online at This stacks on top of the other Prepaid REDcard discounts. Combining it with the 5% off Target makes it 10% of one large purchase, adding the Ink Plus get you 15% off, using the once-a-year 10% instead of Ink Plus makes it a 20% off discount!  Whether you buy things for your family, gifts, products to re-sell for a profit or all the above, getting 20% of a big transaction every so often is a most welcoming 'side effect' of your Prepaid REDcard + prescription at Target combo! 

Free shipping from

Save time & gas by shopping online. In addition to 5% off, your purchases will be shipped free anywhere in the 50 states and DC. There is no minimum purchase required for the free shipping benefit: You can just buy one cheap item and still have it sent to you free, if that’s all you need at the moment. This is basically the equivalent of Amazon Prime for, but it’s free (no membership fees)!

Price matching

Speaking of Amazon, Target offers price matching with many major retailers, including Amazon, Wal-Mart, Newegg, Best Buy, Costco, Sears, JC Penny, CVS, etc. (see the complete list). If you can find something that is available at but it’s cheaper on Amazon or elsewhere, Target will match that price for you. On top of that, you get to buy that item with a 5% discount for using your Prepaid REDcard. You end up buying it 5% cheaper than Amazon (or the cheapest merchant) + free shipping. Pretty sweet!

Extended returns

Not happy with your purchase? No problem. If you got it at Target or using your Prepaid REDcard you get 30 extra days to return the item. That is 30 more days in addition to the standard return policy for that product. Most Target products have a 90 day return policy.

Savings & discounts shopping with Prepaid REDcard at Target, Walmart, Amazon and more


No credit card debt, no overdraft fees, no fees of any kind

Banks love to lure us in and then nickel–and–dime us on on fees and clauses we didn't even know existed. However, there are no fees with Prepaid REDcard: No monthly or overdraft fees, no minimum balance required, no loading fees and no fees for ATM withdrawals at any Target store and elsewhere on Allpoint network ATMs (over 43,000 of them nationwide). Also, you never have to worry about paying 20+% interest on credit card balances off an account that you opened on the premise of saving money. 

Not just at Target

As an American Express card, Prepaid REDcard can be used to shop anywhere Amex cards are accepted, in-store or online, in the United States or abroad.

No foreign transaction fees

The combination of Chip-and-Pin and no foreign transaction fees makes Prepaid REDcard a great option when traveling internationally. 

It is convenient to use a US-issued card abroad; you don't have to carry as much cash. But, many banks will charge you a foreign transaction fee each time you swipe their card. There's no such fee for using Prepaid REDcard in any country. Also, many European and other foreign merchants and vending machines do not accept anything other than Chip-and-Pin when it comes to paying with a card. 


Impulse and emotional buying might make us feel good at the moment but it hurts us in the long term; it is definitely not smart shopping. Prepaid REDcard is a great tool to plan and budget any spending, home repair, restaurants, groceries, kids’ allowances, you name it. Each Prepaid REDcard account allows you to create up to four sub-accounts, for instance one sub-account for your spouse/partner and the others being on your children’s names, if they are at least 13 years old. That means up to 5 separate budgeting venues. A sub-account is essentially an authorized user on the main account, you are able to set its allowable amount to spend as well as track its transactions separately.

Free checking, bill pay and direct deposit

Prepaid REDcard doubles as a fee-free checking account. You will get approved for it even if you have a negative record with ChexSystems or EWS (Early Warning Services) and can’t get a checking or savings account at a bank. There’s no hard credit inquiry either. There will also be an account number and a routing number associated with your Prepaid REDcard account and you can set it up to receive free employment (or other) direct deposits, tax refunds, etc.

Prepaid REDcard also offers free online bill pay, including fast 2 business day ACH payments to most major businesses.  You can use Prepaid REDcard to pay your rent/mortgage, utility or any other bills, even to pay a non-business individual, such as your baby sitter or contractor. Amex will mail them a check for free at the address that you list under their payee profile.

For more details about its features and benefits, see Prepaid REDcard's User Agreement.

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