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Stacking Amex Prepaid REDcard savings with Target gift cards for 10% - 15% off your regular spending budget

A guide to saving 10% to 15% off the money you already spend on shopping, dining and entertainment without having to chase deals and coupons online or shop at discount stores.   How much did you and your family spend last year? If you could magically get 10%-15% of it back, what would you do with that money? You can't go back in time, but in just a few days you can start getting such discounts on your current and future spending. Keep reading to find out how. Spoiler alter: No magic involved and you don't have to change your spending behavior.  In addition to...

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You can now get Amex Prepaid REDcard even if you have Serve or Bluebird

Amex has lifted their restriction on having only one prepaid card per name & SSN. You can now have Prepaid REDcard (Redbird) in addition to Serve and/or Bluebird. Data points and new language during the account registration process.

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Amex is replacing old Target Prepaid REDcards with new Chip-and-PIN ones

Amex is replacing old magnetic strip Prepaid REDcard (Redbird) cards with new Chip-and-Pin ones. If you have an old card you must activate the new one; the old card and the account associated with it will be automatically closed soon. Find out how to do that.

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Prepaid REDcard by Amex offers Chip-and-Pin security peace of mind

Your card has an EMV chip but it most likely doesn't process Chip-and-Pin transactions. Prepaid REDcard is one of the few US-based cards that provides Chip-and-Pin security. Here's why that matters.

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