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GTE Go Signature Visa Credit Card: $300 Sign Up Bonus + 3X Rewards on Gas, Travel & Home Improvement

GTE Financial offers a couple of different credit cards, their best/premium one being the Go Signature Visa® credit card.

GTE Visa Signature  credit card - $300 sign up bonus offer

Credit limit: $5K - $30K

Sign up bonus: Earn 30,000 points (worth $300) by spending $3,000 in the first 3 months. This is advertised as a limited time offer, no idea how long it will be available for. 

Annual fee: $60, waived the first year.

Foreign transaction fee: 1%.

Application link


Seems nationwide. GTE Financial (aka GTE Federal Credit Union) is a Tampa Bay area (FL) based credit union, but the credit card application seems to be available nationwide whether or not you're a GTE member or a Florida resident.

I didn't go through with the application at the time of this writing, but I clicked through the first couple of steps: If you're a GTE member it will direct you to sign in first, if not it will ask for your full name and zip code and redirect you to the application page. I tried a couple of different zip codes outside of Florida and they seem to work (more on GTE membership below).

Credit card reward structure

Earn 3X on gas, travel and home improvement purchases; 2X on groceries and utilities; 1X on everything else. I couldn't find any caps or other stated limits. I am not sure if anything about this pops up once you go through the application process. If this is a deal breaker for you, contact GTE before applying. 

GTE signature visa credit card rewards, 3x on gas, travel and home improvements

Redeeming rewards

Some of the options are cash back, gift cards, travel and merchandise. To see more earning and redeeming details on GTE's website, from the application page click the "Go Points" tab underneath the banner, it will take you to this link, which might not work without clicking through the application page. Presumably, once you have a GTE account and can sign in you'll see more details and options to redeem. I also saw a mention of 1X redemption via check or money orders. 

Additional credit card benefits

Cell phone protection, price protection, travel & emergency assistance, Visa concierge, roadside dispatch, auto rental collision waiver, identity theft coverage.


GTE Checking + savings: Fund with a credit card for $10K total. 

GTE checking account comparison

Some people have opened GTE checking and savings account for MS, that is to fund the account opening with a credit card. Based on a couple of recent data points (within the last 3 months or so), GTE seems to allow $5K funding for checking + $5K for opening a savings account. A couple of data points I saw (1, 2) indicated the transactions posted as purchases (no cash advance fee) for Chase and Barclays credit cards. There's ways to avoid the monthly fee for the various checking accounts, though you will probably not need to keep the checking account open indefinitely. 

I don't know how sensitive GTE is to any of this, but personally I wouldn't go overboard all at once; in general there is a greater shutdown risk for new clients that test a bank's internal limits. 

Hard pulls

There seems to be a hard pull when joining GTE for opening a checking or savings account (it seems only one hard pull even if you open checking + savings). This is not uncommon with credit unions for new customers. Older data points have indicated Equifax though I saw one Dec 2016 data point on FT stating Transunion. It could also vary based on one's geography. 

Combining hard pulls

If this works, you're looking at getting $500 out of one hard pull + one ChexSystems hit: $300 from the credit card + $200 cashback for opening 1 checking + 1 savings and funding them each with $5K via a credit card (assuming at least 2% return via credit card funding).

There's no reason to assume anything less than a hard pull for the credit card application. It would be interesting to see if one can do checking, savings and the credit card application all with one hard pull. It might be worth inquiring by calling their customer service. I seem to recall another unrelated credit union that has allowed this over the phone (otherwise it was 1 hard pull for checking + 1 hard pull for the credit card).

If you'd rather not call or don't get a clear answer from their customer service and plan on applying for the credit card + checking & savings, I'd suggest applying for the credit card first and once that account has been established to do the checking and savings. Reason being is that credit unions typically do a hard pull for checking or savings due to you being new to their institution, so hopefully this route will spare a second hard pull. 

GTE phone number and hours: 888-871-2690, Mon-Fri: 7:30am to 6:00pm, Sat: 9:00am to 1:00pm EST.


Get $30 worth in points (3,000 GO points) for joining through a referral; each party gets the $30 equivalent. Here's more info on GTE's referral program. 

Other options to join GTE

CUSavers via a $10 donation: This seems to make GTE available nationwide. I saw a couple of data points of people mentioning they either didn't get charged the $10 fee to join or had it returned. Either way it's a small fee typical of joining a credit union outside their area of eligibility.

From looking at their page it also seems like the mere fact of opening an account makes you a member? Take a look at their options. If you intend to apply online but aren't certain about whether/how to join beforehand, I'd follow the link/steps of whatever account you intend to open and if the membership is a prerequisite, it should re-direct you to join at some point during the application process. 

Other GTE products and offers

I didn't see anything else that caught my eye but here's their current offers page.

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