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Chase Freedom earns 5X UR points at Whole Foods bar, including gift cards

Whole Foods, grocery savings with Chase Freedom 5X

If you have the Chase Freedom credit card, from July 1 to September 30, 2016 (Q3) you'll earn 5% cash back (5x Chase Ultimate Rewards points) on purchases made at restaurants and wholesale clubs like Costco & Sam’s and BJ’s. These bonus earnings apply to the first $1,500 combined purchases for the entire Q3 category (Chase has confirmed that Freedom will also earn 5X on wholesales clubs for Q4). 

Reddit users found out that the same restaurant bonus earnings apply to Freedom transactions made at Whole Foods stores if you purchase the items at the bar/brewery counter. This doesn’t have to be just alcohol purchases, anything you check out at the bar counter should earn the 5X UR points with Freedom.

While you can attempt to buy a few groceries at the bar counter, the more convenient thing to do would be to buy store gift cards at the bar--earning 5X UR--and use the gift cards at the regular Whole Foods cash registers to buy groceries. If it makes you feel less uneasy, grab one bar-category item and cash the gift cards at the bar along with your beer/wine.

The Whole Foods store gift cards don't expire so you can use them whenever you want to. However, you have to buy them before September 30, 2016 in order for you to get the 5% cashback on your Chase Freedom card.

If you don't have Freedom but do have the Chase Ink Plus (or Ink) credit card you can still get the 5% discount (5X UR points) by buying Whole Food gift cards on or at Staples. See the savings stacking guide for more details about this and to find out how you can save 5% or more on ALL your daily purchases from Walmart, Amazon, Target and other major retailers, with or without using credit cards.

HT: JonyIvy on Reddit

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