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Chase Business Checking $200 Bonus. No Direct Deposit Required

Get $200 for opening a Chase business checking account in branch by presenting a coupon with a unique code. The requirements are very easy to meet and it won't affect your credit score as it will not result in a hard pull.

Chase business checking bonus coupon

Bonus: $200 

Available: Nationwide. You must open the account in branch. 

Expiration: 12/29/17.

Direct link to coupon



1) Open a new Total Business checking account and within 10 days deposit $1,000+ new money (that is money coming from outside Chase accounts).

2) Maintain the $1,000+ balance for 60 days.

3) Within 60 days of account opening complete 5 transactions. Any transaction counts, such as debit card transactions, checks or ACH (debit or credit). Also ChaseQuickDeposit and wire transfers count, but they have fees so avoid them.

 Bonus timeline: The $200 will deposit to your account in about 2.5 months after account opening (10 business days after you complete the requirements).


Additional criteria for the $200 bonus:

* Need to keep the account open for at least 6 months, otherwise Chase will claw back the bonus.

* Not available if you've closed a business account in the last 90 days, or closed it with a negative balance.

* It sounds like only 1 business bonus per person per year, but the verbiage on the coupon is a bit vague: "You can only receive one new business checking account opening related bonus per calendar year and only one bonus per account." Does 'you' refer to the person opening the account or to the business entity? Assume it is per person, unless you know otherwise or want to give it a try.

Monthly fee: $15; $12 if enrolled in paperless statements; waived with a $1500+ daily minimum balance. 


Should you take advantage of this offer?

Yes, unless a higher offer is available. This isn't the highest Chase business checking bonus, but do consider the opportunity cost and the rest of your Chase-related circumstances. For instance all other things being equal, a Chase business checking account will likely increase your chances of being targeted/approved for a Chase business credit card.

In the past Chase has offered business checking offers as high as $500 (for their Performance Business checking account). Currently this $200 offer is the highest publicly available offer. You can also look on eBay for higher offers where people sell coupons they receive from targeted Chase promotions.

Keep in mind that these codes are unique, i.e. if you used a specific code to open a Chase account and gave that code/coupon to someone else, it won't work for the second person when the Chase banker attempts to apply the same coupon code.


What do you need to open a business account with Chase or other banks?

This might vary state by state based on local regulations, but you typically need some paperwork to show that you have a registered business, like an SS4 form from IRS showing your EIN and/or state or county business registrations. You don’t necessarily need a tax id to operate a business—and therefore to open a business account—you can operate as a DBA (doing business as) under your name and social security number.

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