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6.25% off Visa Gift Cards at + Free Shipping: 5% Instant Discount + 1.25% Portal Cash Back promotion: 5% discount on 5 Back Visa Gift Cards

Update: The $500 Five Back Visa Gift Card deal is over but you can stil earn 2% cash back on other/regular Visa Gift Cards at GiftCardMall via TopCashBack, plus cashback/miles/points from the credit cards used. Shipping is free for orders ≤ $2K.

Gift Card Mall is offering a seemingly too good to be true deal. This promotion surfaced on their website yesterday (12/4): Trough 12/10/2016 get a 5% discount on 5 Back Visa Gift Cards (VGCs). That is, you'd pay 5% off less, you'd buy a $500 VGC for $475, $25 instant savings per one $500 VGC.

5% off Visa Gift Cards at Gift Card Mall

I went through the steps of ordering them yesterday but the discount didn't seem to take. I figured either the promotion was worded incorrectly or it wasn't coded properly on their website. I called Gift Card Mall, their representative said she wasn't aware of this offer, she talked to a supervisor who directed her to their IT department. Yesterday being Sunday I figured this wasn't likely to be resolved within the day.

Today (12/5) I visited to see if the wording had changed on the offer, nope, still the same. I tried again to purchase the VGCs and it's working! The 5% discount shows off instantly during checkout.

Buy VGC at GiftCardMall through TopCashback portal

Order now while the promotion is working

The promotion is worded as valid from December 4th to December 10th, 2016, but this being an awsome deal I'd order right away and not take my chances (the picture above was just a trial, I did put in an actual order).

Extra cashback via an online shopping portal

I've successfully used TopCashback (my referring link) to buy from GiftCardMall. Their stated rate for GiftCardMall is 1.25% cash back on Visa Gift Cards but the purchases actually earn 2% cash back! 

Buying these VGCs for manufactured spending: How to unload them

I've had no problem using them to buy money orders at Walmart, but as with anything MS (manufactured spending), YMMV. If you aren't sure, first try your local stores or Post Office.   

An extra 5% off at select stores

The 5 Back VGCs offers 5% back 48 hours after you use them to purchase items at CVS, Macy's, JC Penny, Lowe's, Bed Beth & Beyond and several other stores (visit for a full list). Using the VGCs at these stores would net you a 11.25% discount after stacking this deal with TopCashback.

Tread carefully with Gift Card Mall orders

Many people have their orders cancelled and/or their accounts frozen. There isn't a known way to game this as far as I am aware. If you've never ordered from them I'd recommend starting small and increase your orders gradually. A fraud prevention representative will likely call you to verify the order if you attempt to purchase several thousand dollars worth of VGCs.

HT: The Frequent Miler

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