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Amex is replacing old Target Prepaid REDcards with new Chip-and-PIN ones

If you register now to get a Prepaid REDcard, the permanent card with your name on it will be a Chip-and-Pin card (see why that is important). This has been the case for the last few months, since late October 2015. Before that, the card was an old-fashioned magnetic strip one. When Amex started to issue Chip-and-Pin cards for new accounts, I suggested people call them to see if they would be re-issues a pin card. Amex reps told customers that they had to close their account and register for a new one if they wanted to get a chip and pin card.

For people that registered before October 2015 and have the old Prepaid REDcard (Redbird), Amex is now replacing them with new Chip-and-Pin cards. The new replacement cards will have a new account number, so if you have enrolled your Prepaid REDcard at or elsewhere as a payment method you'd want to edit that information with the new account number after you activate the new card. 

How to activate the new Chip-and-Pin card replacing the old Prepaid REDcard? 

It's pretty easy: Click the activation link (it's also on the email received from Amex), login and enter your new Prepaid REDcard account number and four digit security code. Once you activate the new card, the old card becomes invalid. Whether you activate your new card or not, soon your old Prepaid REDcard card will be closed automatically.

Where is the new card being shipped? 

American Express is mailing the new card at the address on file with your account, which can be seen under Settings and Profile once you login to your Prepaid REDcard. If you no longer have access to this mailing address, change your address online and call Prepaid REDcard customer service at 855‑306‑7395 to see if they will re-issue the replacement card at your new address. 

Amex email about Target Prepaid REDcard being replaced with Chip-and-Pin cardAmex sent an email to customers that have the old card, announcing the card replacement. The email subject is "We shipped your new Target Prepaid REDcard® with Chip-and-PIN". Here's the email content:

Your new Target Prepaid REDcard with Chip-and-PIN has been shipped, and you should receive it in 7 - 10 days. Once you receive your new Card, please take a moment to Activate your Card online. After your new Card is activated, please destroy your old Card.

Important information about your new Card
Your Card number has changed and your current Card will be closed on June 30, 2016. Please know that after you activate your new Card, your funds from your existing Card will be transferred to your new Card. If you use your existing Card for any automatic or recurring transactions, you'll need to provide your new Card number to your payee.

Chip-and-PIN Technology
• Your new Card has enhanced security features that help protect against fraud
• Chip technology makes your Card difficult to counterfeit
• Your unique PIN helps protect a lost or stolen Card

We truly value your membership and will continue working to ensure you have a positive Target Prepaid REDcard experience.


The Prepaid REDcard® by American Express Team

If you're not familiar with Prepaid REDcard, click here to find out about its features and benefits. 

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