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Prepaid REDcard by Amex offers Chip-and-Pin security peace of mind

Prepaid REDcard Amex Chip-and-Pin security at Target & other storesIn the last few months many US card issuers provided EMV chip cards to American consumers. But, the vast majority of them do not offer Chip-and-Pin transactions. Prepaid REDcard is among the few cards in USA that processes Chip-and-Pin payments.

At most of our stores if you’re required to insert the card into the card reader, it is being processed using Chip-and-Signature. That’s more secure than sliding the card (which uses its magnetic strip) but nowhere as secure as Chip-and-Pin.  Someone can fake your signature, but they can’t fake your pin.

Why is Chip-and-Pin so limited in the United States?

There’s two sides to this story, and to these transactions:

1) The card itself has to have the feature available and set to work. Just because a card has an EMV chip, it doesn’t mean it features pin payments. 

2) The card reader (POS, point of sale) has to have the ability to process pin payments and have that turn on. Likewise, just because the register receiver has a chip reader slot, it doesn’t mean it is capable or set to accept pin payments.

Simply put, most of our banks haven’t issued Chip-and-Pin cards and most of our stores can’t process such payments either.

Is Chip-and-Pin worth the hype?

Absolutely! Most European and other western countries have already switched to Chip-and-Pin cards for years due to the significant increased security and reduction of fraud. While most card issuers and merchants in the US are still dragging their feet, there are options available for savvy consumers. You can choose to shop at stores that process pin payments, but to do so you do need a card that has the Chip-and-Pin feature turned on, preferably set as its first preferred method of payment.

Prepaid REDcard is one of the very few US-issued cards that can do that. It also offers a bundle of other features and stackable saving venues, such as $50K/year purchase protection, 5% off & free shipping at Target, price matching with Amazon & Wal-Mart, etc. It also has no monthly fees and no credit or ChexsyStems requirements. Visit the Benefits page at to find out what else can Prepaid REDcard do for you.

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